Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Science of Team Science Conference

Science of Team Science Conference
"The Annual International Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference is a forum to enhance our understanding of how best to engage in Team Science to meet society’s needs. The SciTS Conference serves: as a point of convergence for investigators studying Science teams and Team Science leaders/practitioners; to engage funding agencies to provide guidance on developing and managing Team Science initiatives; and to afford data providers and analytics developers insight into collaboration tracking and analysis needs. In this way, the SciTS Conference acts as a bridge between the science and the praxis of Team Science, serving as an important conduit for translating empirical findings about Team Science into evidence-based effective practices for scientific teams and funders of Team Science."

Monday, March 19, 2012

Relationships are what we have.

I am fond of the following, which I wrote in Creating a Culture of Collaboration (and later modified):
Meaning is what we want.
Understanding is what we need.
Choices are what we make.
Relationships are what we have.
But this video says it better.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Small Group Research - Special Issue on Organizational Meetings

Small Group Research has published a Special Issue on Organizational Meetings (Volume 43, Number 2, April 2012). Below is the table of contents with links to these articles.

Meetings at Work: Advancing the Theory and Practice of Meetings

Cliff W. Scott, Linda Rhoades Shanock, and Steven G. Rogelberg

Meetings Matter: Effects of Team Meetings on Team and Organizational Success

Simone Kauffeld and Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock

The Meeting Genre Across Cultures: Insights From Three German-American Collaborations

Tine Kohler, Catherine Durnell Cramton, and Pamela J. Hinds

Team Meeting Attitudes: Conceptualization and Investigation of a New Construct

Thomas A. O'Neill and Natalie J. Allen

Public Meeting Facilitation: A Naive Theory Analysis of Crisis Meeting Interaction

Stephenson J. Beck, Robert S. Littlefield, and Andrea J. Weber

Wasted Time and Money in Meetings: Increasing Return on Investment

Steven G. Rogelberg, Linda Rhoades Shanock, and Cliff W. Scott